Gliding event wich objectives are to allow Nacional and foreign glider pilots to freely explore the aerological conditions of Mogadouro county and as well as to share experiences and piloting techniques. It's a non competitive event, however all elements for thermal cross-country training are present to allow the pilots to train and gain proficiency in glider flying on a dynamic context of a gliding centre.

The event will take place from 23 to 29 de July; ending on the 30th with the RedBurros Fly-In 2016 Airshow.



Event open to all Portuguese and foreign pilots with a valid glider pilot licence and medical certificate, being as private or as a member/embassador of gliding clubs, operating their own gliders. Also open to student-pilots under direct supervision of their flight instructors.



Single and doube seaters are allowed with MTOW of 650Kg with all the documentation updated.



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You can sign up through our on-line form until July 9th . Sign up is limited.



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