The Soaring Center

Mogadouro Soaring Center allows it's student-pilots a fully equipped class room with computers, internet access, data show, fax and accommodation (limited).

The class room and accommodations are in the nearest village, in the old elementary school building.

Our instructors have hundreds of flight hours and highly qualified



Learn To Fly theory/practice


By entering in our course you'll receive the following manuals:

  • Air Law

  • Meteorology for gliders

  • Aerodinamics

  • Mass and wheigt

  • Navigation

  • National and international Radiotelephony

  • Fisiology and human behaviour

  • Twin Astir II flight manual

  • Airfield operations manual


  • Jeppesen VFR chart

  • Jeppesen PN-1 Navigator plotter



 Glider pilot course

Pre-sign up is now open for the 4th curso de piloto de planadores.


We also opened the pre-sign up for the 2nd convertion glider course. This one is orientated for all pilots already with flight licences and want to learn how to fly gliders.


Informations and questions should be sent to the school director, Pedro Mesquita, mobile.: 919 803 145.








Previous glider pilot courses

  • PP 01/06 "Grifos"

  • PP 01/09 "Cegonhas"

  • PP 01/13 "Águias"


The class room is equiped with all the necessary learning materials for all aviation subjects, including scale models and aeronautical instruments for a better understanding of how things work.